Salty Dog


This band was folk based, though not out and out traditional folk. These recordings were made in a folk club somewhere near Wolverhampton. I can't remember much about these sessions, and have no recollections of the band at all. Still, the songs are good, and apart from the lead singer, who's voice is a little shrill, they sound pretty good. Remember, these recordings are almost 50 years old, and recorded in mono at 71/2 ips.

1. Do You Ever

2. Sometimes I Wonder

3. Don’t Be Long Away

4. Stone Flower

5. We Got The Rocks

Had this from Keith Turle, one of the band.

Hi Colin The recording you did for the Band, was - I think maybe 1973/74 however I could be corrected on that. It was recorded at J.B,s club which was then in King St. Dudley, this was done on a Sunday afternoon as I recall. The band members were as follows : John Bryant - Vocals ( he of shrill voice) Dave Burton - Vocals. Keith Turley - Lead guitar, B. vocals. John Worton - 2nd Lead guitar, B. vocals. Roger Hudson - Bass Guitar. Graham Hollis - Drums, Vibraphone.

The band gigged for a while before fading into the sunset, I still have contact with most of the band members, I still play guitar and write and record in my own home studio. I remember being in awe of the Ferrograph reel to reel you used at the recording, how things have changed in recording hardware. I hope you find this information useful for your Website, I cant tell you how surprised I was when I first came across the Garage Tapes, I do have a copy of the tape but never expected to see it pop up again like this. If I think of anymore information I will contact you. p.s I did enjoy the other items on the Tapes.

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