TrapezePic1Trapeze were a 3 piece band of the heavy variety. They were managed by the same guys as my band, hence I got the job of making their demos. The band members were: Mel Galley on lead guitar, Glenn Hughes on Bass and Dave Holland on drums. They made a big sound for 3 guys.

These recordings were made in a workingmen's club somewhere in Cannock. I used the bands PA mixer, a Wem, and some Wem PA columns for monitors. I remember the rooms being very echoey and having a lot of trouble doing the balance. I seem to remember we put the cover on the bass speaker with the mic inside it. We set the drums up on the stage with the curtains closed.

The surviving tape is in mono, and I've recorded over a chunk of it at some time, so one of the songs is lost. Still, several survive, and they are in good order. I think I'm right in saying that these demos got the band their first recording contract.

1. You Are The Music

2. Don’t Stop The Music

3. Coast To Coast.

4.What is a Woman’s Role

5. Way Back to the Bone

I worked with Mel much later at the Old Smithy studios in Kempsey, Worcestershire, along with his brother Tom. Sadly, Mel is no longer with us.

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